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Boulder Headlight is the headlight restoration division of Boulder Auto Detail.

Why replace your dull or hazy headlights when they can be restored? This is the Eco- friendly option. (Not to mention how much money it will save you vs. buying new headlights). Many people don’t know that headlights, which have become dull or faded, can be restored to look new. Drive safely at night! And don’t get a ticket from the police. (More information about that below).

Please watch our short 49-second video showing before and after and a customer testimonial:

Here is the deal. Headlights are coated with factory clear coat when the car is new. The problem is, though,  it wears off or oxidizes with time. Our intense Colorado sunshine is to blame.

The only professional solution is to repaint the clear coat after wet sanding the oxidation off. With any other method, typically in a few weeks, the haze will come back because you have not addressed the root cause of the issue.

With our service, we paint on a new clear coat! This consists of a UV blocking urethane paint treatment after wet sanding or buffing out the faded headlights. This restores the clear coat and fixes the problem at the root so to speak. That is why we offer a 2-year warranty against fading. Hail damage which causes the clear coat to fail is NOT included in the warranty.

Update. Police are now ticketing people with faded headlights in the Boulder area! Please watch this short video for more information about this:


Thinking of trying a “headlight restoration kit’ to restore your headlight on your own?  Here is a very short video of DIY headlight restoration kit which failed. They all typically fail.

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Let’s not forget to mention driving with faded headlights is a huge safety issue.