Denver Headlight Restoration – Restoring your own headlights

by Mike on April 13, 2016

Thinking of restoring your own Headlights in the Denver area? Basically, what does it come down to? The Colorado sun will slowly oxidize (or fade) the plastic cover on your headlights. With time, they will fade and you will lose nighttime visibility. This typically happens after a car is 4-years-old.

To properly restore your headlights to new you will need to restore your clear coat to new. That is the clear coat that is on the plastic cover of your headlights.  If not any effort will result in a very short-term result. You may, in fact, make your headlight lenses look new. However, as I said the result is very short term, and within a few weeks, your headlights will be dull and faded again. Why? Your clear coat has not been restored. It is actually very simple.

So what types of tools are needed? At least two different professional-grade buffers and wet sanding equipment. One for bigger headlights and one for the smaller ones like typically found on a jeep. And then, many different buffing compounds and chemicals. Not to mention the confidence to take sandpaper to a vehicle!

The most important part is the final step, though.  Restoring the clearcoat to new by painting on a new coat. This is what will make the treatment last. We are talking about lasting more than a few weeks here. With, We offer a 2-year warranty!

Headlight Restoration Tools

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