Drive Safely at night with clear Headlights

by Mike on June 20, 2016

Just wanted to post some facts here about the dangers of driving with faded headlights. Keep your family and yourself safe at night! Sure your car will look so much better after the headlight restoration, however, that is the after effect. Safety first, right?

Car owners neglecting their faded headlights is a factor in 2.8 million accidents, 23,000 fatal crashes and 2,300 pedestrian deaths each year, according to the Motor Vehicle Lighting Council. Dim headlight bulbs and hazy plastic headlight lenses or surfaces may lead to this reduced visibility, putting you, your passengers and other cars at risk. The AAIA Car Care Council found that 26 percent of the cars it inspected had issues with their lighting system. Millions of cars on the road today have plastic headlight lenses. The problem increases with the age of the lens, and with the average age of cars on the road about 10 years old, the problem is growing. That is why it is important to correct hazy, dull headlights.

Boulder Headlight - Drive Safely at night!

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